I have always been inspired to create textured images-either in theatre, through creative writing, or using the medium of photography.   I am inspired by the perspective gained from examining the natural world on the smallest and largest scales-from the insect to the mountain top view. Mood and feeling are just as important to me as the technical aspects of photography. When it all comes together, I hope I have created a photograph that makes you feel something, makes you think, and inspires you. If not, please see chocolate recommendations below for additional help.

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Nathan Larson is an American photographer and visual artist. Nathan Edwin Larson was born in Tooele, Utah. He is active in the Cornish Colony Arts Council which builds on the history and creative legacy of the original Cornish Arts Colony.

In 2010, Nathan created the "250 People Project" which gathered together a group of photographers to create over 250 portraits of residents of Windsor, Vermont during the celebration of their 250th Anniversary. The project was later transformed into a book, 250 Years/250 People: Windsor, Vermont which was designed by Chris Cammock of Sublime Eye.

The 250 people project was developed into a new and much larger initiative using the same concept of gathering portraits and audio stories of a single town in a short period of time for archival and ethnographic study.  Known as photo-folklore, the new project, entitled Why We Stay,  is currently in production. Nathan is a contributing photographer and editor in the Why We Stay project, which is underwritten by the Cornish Colony Arts Council. The project is traveling around Vermont gathering ethnographic data as well as portraits and audio stories in an attempt to capture the samples of at least 100 people per town and also investigate motivations for living in rural communities.

In 2013 Nathan published his first monograph, Cloud Hunter  which features landscapes of Vermont and New Hampshire.

Nathan has been featured in both volumes of the Capture Vermont series published by the Burlington Free Press and Piedmont Publishing. His work is also featured in the Capture My Vermont Calendar.

Recently Published Work & Articles: 

Why We Stay: Royalton, Vermont  (2014)
Editor, Photographer

Vermont Life Magazine (Spring 2014)
Photographs and Feature entitled "Facebook"

Capture Vermont Volume 2   (2013)
Contributing Photographer

Pedimont Publishing & Burlington Free Press

Cloud Hunter  (2012)

Capture Vermont Volume 1   (2012)
Contributing Photographer 
Pedimont Publishing & Burlington Free Press

250 Years/250 People: Windsor, Vermont   (2010)
Editor, Photographer
ISBN-9780615521749, LCCN: 2011913765


River Camp  (2013)

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