Don't Shoot What You Know

...if people do it for cats, I figure I can do it for a gnat.

I am not an insect (I may have acted like a blood sucking tick once or twice), but I recently started a series from the point of view of an insect/small creature.  In this series I imagine what it is like to leave home and  look back to see a former residence or place of birth before leaving for good.  I climb to the very top of Mount Anthropomorphism.  But if people do it for cats, I figure I can do it for a gnat.

These are the first few shots, hoping for a series of 12 and I am not sure if I will limit it to bugs yet.

In general I do not subscribe to the theory that you should only write about what you know or only photograph what you are familiar, despite the fact that it is far easier to do so. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is not the best way to grow your creativity or develop new techniques or interests.  And if we all stuck to what we knew,  it would be a world with very little imagination or creativity. Think of the lack of vampire novels alone.

Places I Used To Live