6.5 Million Jelly Beans: Don't Bemoan the Success of Other Artists

You can't help but stop for a second to try to wrap your head around the fact that Peter Lik just sold three photos for $10 million dollars (US Dollars from what I gather).  That is a lot of wampum, skin, chicken feed, bucks, bullion, cabbage, coin, dinero, mazumah, dough, bread, scratch. The most expensive of the three was "Phantom" and it sold for a cool 6.5 million jelly beans--see below. It is a new World Record.  Who knew we were tracking that and how do they know?  But that is for another post-it note.  I probably owe the new owner something now for putting this image on my site.  Legal!

Before you start spewing about how this is a ridiculous sum for someone to pay to collect art, or how this ruins photography, or how you could have taken this image, how about just being psyched for the guy?  He just made bank making art.  And on top of that you didn't create those three photos, so chill.  Being mad about this is like getting upset because someone sold a house you don't own. Look at it as a brave new world, where people still buy actual prints.  A world where you too can start to charge more than $9 for an 8 x10 on your Society6, Fine Art America, or Etsy store. And if you don't think art can be valued because it ruins it, then this should not bother you anyway as you do not dirty your mind with such matters.

By the way, 40% off in my Fine Art America store for a few more days. Code: EJMEMP  I only need to sell about 100,000 prints at my current average sale price to make it to the big leagues.

So good on you Mr. Lik!  Don't listen to the critics. You won't be able to hear them while you are making it rain at the local club anyway. Like Miss Swift says, the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate ha, ha, ha.  I do hope the new owner enjoys and displays and shares the artwork and finally, get ready Internet, you thought you were overwhelmed with Antelope Cave-style photography before?

Here is a horrible blog post on the sale-I mean bad: 

To learn more about the artist (because he needs the bump right now), visit this link.