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A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound.
Charles Baudelaire

Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created.  It is a major force in explaining man to man.
Edward Steichen

All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.
Richard Avedon

Nestled between the Connecticut River and Mt. Ascutney, Windsor is known as the “birth place” of Vermont. During 2011 it celebrates 250 years since it was formed through land grants. Windsor was the original capital of Vermont and a town where amazing things have and continue to occur in politics, art, and industry.  It is a town of unparalleled importance in Vermont and a treasure, some would say forgotten, to the rest of the United States. 

Despite the unique legacy of invention, artistic creation, and heritage, Windsor is also a town just like your town.  It is full of the complexities of people with different desires, different points of view, and a range of backgrounds.  It has seen the boom of manufacturing and industry and the lean times that come with the heavy loss of jobs and shuttering of main street businesses.  There is success here, there is failure here, and more importantly there is a sense of community here that is constantly seeking to redefine itself, adapt, and continue.

The “250 project” as it has become known, started with the idea that portrait photography could capture a moment in time during a historic summer in Windsor, Vermont. We did not set out to write a history of Windsor with this project but rather to capture the story of the people who live and work here today. We are interested in the now. There is often the presumption with portraits that you can gain some modicum of understanding about the real personality of the subject from a moment captured with a camera.  This may or may not be true. But there is an undeniable power to viewing hundreds of portraits from the same period of time taken in the same location. The faces begin to tell stories and the collection of faces begin to build a vision of the place itself.  Perhaps it is a simple story, maybe it is more complex.  Obvious or profound, the 250 project showcases what is the most important part of Windsor Vermont today, the people.

The following portraits were all taken in Windsor Vermont during the summer of 2011 by a group of
community and professional photographers.  We would like to thank each and every person who agreed to have their portrait added to this project, your generosity is not lost on any of the contributors and you have helped to create a wonderful mosaic of a unique place.

July 2011
Windsor, Vermont


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this thing anyway?
The 250 project started with an idea of capturing at least 250 residents of the town of Windsor in natural photographic portraits during the summer of 2011.  The project coincides with the celebration of Windsor's 250th anniversary.

Who are the people behind 250?
A group of professional an community artists have assembled the entire project.  They include Cassie George, Chantelle Perry, Chris Cammock, Leilani Bascom, Nathan Larson, Sarah Nelson, and Sarah Buss.

What will I find on this site?
Currently you will find a slide show which will grow with the addition of even more portraits.  You will also find a digital book that makes the project more tangibile and showcases some of the work in a better context.  You can also buy prints and products from the project on the website and announcements about 250 related events will also be posted here.

Where is my portrait?
If you have already had a portrait taken and do not see it, please contact us.  In most cases the images captured were not usable (usually due to techincal difficulties).  If you are interested in being included in the project please contact us during the summer of 2011.  For a short period we will be adding more portraits.

Did You Actually Get 250 People To Do This?
Yep! And more...

What is the questionnaire I keep hearing about?
We asked those who were interested to answer eight questions about Windsor.  We are currently in the process of editing and adding some of this information to portraits.  You will see details from the survey under portraits after you click on them.

When I buy a print or product, where does the money go?
The 250 project is not a non-profit entity and purchases are not tax deductible.  We raised the seed money to complete the project through "crowdsource" funding on www.kickstarter.com.  Individual backers gave as little as one dollar to help create this artistic project.  Sales from products, books, and prints are being used to create a hardcover special edition book and to support future artistic projects.

What songs are playing during the online slideshow?
The Internationale- Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco
Sandusky- Uncle Tupelo
Iguazu- Gustavo Santaolalla
Prelude from BWV 1007 - Bach, played (Yo-Yo Ma)

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