Capture My Vermont

Last year Piedmont Publishing joined with local Vermont companies to create a content generating site for their publishing products.  They do this in a number of states-asking for local submissions of work that they then turn into calendars, books, and other gift products.


Their sites are very social media focused and definitely encourage a friendly sense of competition amongst contributors to be selected for their publishing titles.  I joined the site in 2011 and have submitted a few dozen photographs.  However, I have been simply amazed at the quality of work produced by local Vermont photographers.  There are simply some amazing photos being posted online through this site.  Yes, there are plenty of shot of cats too, but the good shots are really, really good.

I was thrilled to be included in the Capture My Vermont book that came out last winter and now in the Capture My Vermont 2013 Calendar coming out this month.  More importantly, take a look at the site to enjoy some great images of Vermont.