Off Topic: When To Donate Time & Talent

I recently had the chance to develop a video concept to promote CHaD HERO, the premier fundraising event for Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.  The goal of the series is to motive and inspire the audience to get involved in CHaD HERO by personalizing the stories of a few participants who represent the thousands who come out to run, walk, and hike in the event.  And keep it under 60 seconds please.

Luckily, the first story featured a family of natural superstars. I really hope even this short glimpse of their story inspires people to join CHaD HERO.  However, what was equally inspiring was watching the entire concept being executed and elevated by two talented artists from NH/VT. 

Jarred Gunnell (Director/Editor) and Chris Cammock (Camera & Stills) donated their time for the creation of this first spot.  Professional photographers and videographers are often faced with the dilemma of "free" services. Everyone wants a picture or video of something and most often they want it for free. Sometimes it makes sense to build your resume, but more often than not, it can devalue your existing business. While this post won't debate that issue directly (go for it in the comments section!), I can say that watching these professionals take time out of their busy schedules was motivating to me professionally and personally.  There is a time and a place for free.  Thanks Jared and Chris!