Knives by Artist and Expert Flint Knapper Myron Nix

Examples of handmade obsidian blades by Utah artist and expert flint knapper Myron Nix.

Flint knapping, sometimes referred to as “the lost art,” is a method of using stone to chip away at chunks of obsidian to handcraft arrowheads, spearheads, tomahawk blades and other tools. Native Americans created some of the finest examples of tools and weapons using this method.

Today, Myron Nix creates one-of-a-kind artistic masterpieces known for their attention to fine detail, expert knapping technique, and creative approach. While Nix makes a range of knives, peace pipes, tomahawks, arrows, quivers, and spears, the samples below are from a collector’s series of large knives with blades that are approximately 8 inches in length or larger.

Serial #1501: Obsidian/Elk Leg Bone by Myron Nix

Serial #1530: Obsidian/Pronghorn Antler by Myron Nix

Serial #1512: Obsidian/Cholla by Myron Nix